Vairamuthu, Radharavi face sexual harassment charges

Vairamuthu, Radharavi face sexual harassment charges

The #MeToo row is hitting hard the Tamil film industry and the Indian media, with serious sexual charges being leveled against lyricist vairamuthu and actor Radharavi.

A singer has shared her ‘experience’ with Vairamuthu through her friend and another singer, Chinmayi.

In the singer’s words, “He came closer I was sitting in one of those big couches in his besant nagar house huge meeting room. And he almost kissed.”

The woman also says that everyone in the industry is aware of Vairamuthu’s behaviour with women, but no one would dare speak against him because of his political connections.

Another allegation read: ‘We don’t know each other. But my name is ******. I am writing to you because want to add to the allegations against Vairamuthu. He is a predator. I was hardly 18/19 years old (still in college) when he on the pretext of appreciating my work called me to his office, a pad on the top floor at Seethammal colony. I went as he was a senior writer and I thought of him really like a grand father figure (that’s the age difference between us).

It didn’t even cross my mind that he could be dangerous. But soon as I entered he locked the door behind him and tried to touch me. I made an excuse and ran out. Later that week he called me and told me to not tell his wife who also I knew, as our family was introduced to her earlier at a function. I told him to never harass me again and I left it there. Today, after reading the mesg from the other girl, my heart has picked up the courage to say this out loud. Please please kindly avoid my name coming out as I have already faced too much flake in life for speaking up and I’m in no mental strength to take public lashing anymore.

But I wanted to and feel deeply relieved to share my sad secret. We women live with so much burden. Apart from the abuse, it is the backlash of shame, speculation from our society that hurts us the most. I’m Sending this mesg to add strength to the other girl’s story. Please avoid my name, if you must at all add my story to it.”

Meanwhile today, writer and movie promoter Kavya Nakshatra shared a message she received from a woman. In it, the woman claimed that Radharavi once invited her to his house and kissed her on the face.

The complainant also mentions that he asked her to return to the house alone, as he wanted to meet her again. The woman also laments that Radha Ravi has tremendous power and, hence, complaining about him might not have any effect.