Vaikasi Brahmotsavam of Kancheepuram Sri Varadharja Perumal

The Annual famous Brahmotsavam of Sri Devaraja Swami began on 17th May 2019 and concludes on the 25th May 2019

This shrine is adored to be in the third place among the 108 Divya Desams, the first and second being Thiruvarangam and Tirumala respectively. Bhoothatalwar, Peyalwar and Thirumangaialwar have Prasied Him through their devine songs. The immense attribute of Sri Varadaraja is said that he bestows every thing to his ardent and true devotees even moksha that is called salvation from the worldly life. The great value of Sri Varadharaja is that our Jagathacharya Sri Ramanuja was gifted to our Srivaishnava sampradaya by Sri Varadharaja as Sri Ramanuja did theertha kainkaryam and other Holy services to HIM at his early days before taking to Sanyasaashram at the Perumal Koil sacred tank. The unique status of this festival is the renowned “Garuda Seva”, which no other Divya Desam commands to this level. The very important festival’s days and dates are as follows.

HAMSA VAHANAM 18th May 2019 Saturday early morning
SURYA PRABAI 18th May 2019 Saturday Evening

GARUDA SEVA 19th May 2019 Sunday Early Morning 3 am to 3.30 am Gopura Dharsanam 5 am to 5.30 am

HANUMANTHA VAHANAM on 19th May 2019 Sunday Evening

SESHA VAHANAM. on 20th May 2019 Monday early Morning

THANKA PALLAKKU on 21st May 2019 Tuesday early Morning ( Nachiyar Thirukkolam)
YALI VAHAGANAM on 21st May 2019 Tiesday Evening
THANGA CHAPPARAM on 22nd May 2019 Wednesday Morning
YANAI VAHANAM on 22nd May 2019 Wednesday Evening

THIRUTHER Car Festival on 23rd May 2019 Thursday Morning 6 am Vadem Pitiththal.
THOTTI THIRUMANJANAM on 24th May 2019 Friday Morning
KUDURAI VAHANAM 24th May 2019 Friday Evening

THEERTHAVARI 25th May 2019 Friday Morning

PUNYAKOTI VIMANAM 24th May 2019 Friday Evening

All the Spiritual minded devotees are requested to take part on the all the festival days and can derive the blissful grace of Sri Devaraja Perumal.

Tamilnadu Police Department will be doing elaborate arrangements for safety and security aspects.

All necessary and important arrangements for the same are being made by Sri N Thiagarajan Assistant Commissioner, / Executive Trustee (Additional Charge)

T Raghavan