Vadivelu trends worldwide as #PrayForNesamani goes viral

The hashtag #PrayForNesamani has been trending worldwide. Tamils flooded Twitter and other social media platforms with posts weeping and expressing concern over a fictional character called Nesamani played by Vadivelu for Vijay-Suriya starrer Friends (2001).

Meme makers had a field day as they came up with some hilarious and ingenious posts about the Neasamani tragedy. Memes of US President Trump expressing his concern over Neasamani, Thor being held as the suspect and Apollo Hospital revealing the current condition of Neasamani stole the show.

Even BBC published a story, in which it said: :”Many Indians were left wondering what was going on as #Pray_for_Neasamani and #Nesamani began trending first in India and then across the world.

And no-one seemed to know him – apart from those from the southern state of Tamil Nadu who began the trend. Contractor Nesamani is actually a fictional character from a 2001 Tamil film played by an iconic comedian. The “plea” to pray for him is based on a scene from the popular film Friends.”

It all started with a post on a Facebook page Civil Engineering Learning. The page had posted an image of a hammer and asked What do you call this tool in your country?

One of the reader, Vigesh Prabakar, commented: “This is what we call Suthiyal. It will give “tung tung” sound when we blow with it on something. Painting contractor Nesamani’s head was broken in jamin palace with this one by his nephew. Paavam.

Following the hashtag, many Tamils on social media started memes based on the hashtag and the particular scene from the movie.

Contractor Nesamani is a character from a 2001 Tamil film called Friends. Played by popular Tamil actor Vadivelu, Nesamani is a building contractor who struggles with his bumbling assistants in the movie. In one scene, he is hit by a hammer dropped by one of his employees – and this is the scene that has led to a thousand memes.