Vadivelu given 1 week time to settle Imsai Arasan issue

After Vadivelu announced walking out of the sequel of Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi, makers of the movie filed a complaint with the Tamil Film Producers Council.

Now, sources say, the TFPC has decided on two options for Vadivelu- either he acts in the film without any restrictions or settles a sum of 9 crore to the production team.

Reports said the actor has been provided a week’s team to decide the further course of action.

A huge period set was erected in Chennai’s EVP studio where some key scenes in the first schedule were shot.

However problems began when it was allegedly said that Vadivelu did not turn up for shooting and the makers filed a complaint against the actor.

Sources said the actors association sent two letters seeking clarification from Vadivelu and it was also said that there were discussions to put an temporary ban on the actor.

In the first film, Pulikesi was a British sympathiser that made him the enemy of the violent rebel groups that were leading the revolt against the British Raj. However, by the end of the film, he had a change of heart and promises an exemplary governance to his people.