Uthra movie review


People of Vattaparai are scared to get their children married because a ghost kills the couple during their first night. Six college students come to the village to study about the incident.

The villagers are unwelcoming as they have been suffering a lot. The students to prove that what the villagers believed was superstituos. So they stage a drama faking the wedding of two students.

Villagers also start to belive them. They also arrange for a wedding in the village, but the young couple are killed during their first night. What happens next forms the rest of the story.


Director Naveen Krishna has taken up the usual ghost template but has delivered it with an interesting subplot.

Raksha who plays the ghost Uthra in the movie has done a tremedous job. Kowsalya comes as Amman in the flick.

The converstaion between Uthraa and Kowsalya is one of the important highlights of the film.

Rest of the cast including the villagers, the college students have all done their part well.

Music by Saidev is good. Ramesh’s camera has captured the village beautifully.

Rating: 3.2/5