US honour for SPB

US honour for SPB

In yet another honour to legendary singer S P Balasubramanyam, Rocheston Accreditation Institute, New York has presented the glorious Atlas Trophy to him.

“The Atlas Trophy represents the persistence and dedication of a legend who carries the weight of the world on his shoulder,” said a press statmeent.

“The grit and passion and the struggle undertaken by the luminary to bear the responsibility of the world on his shoulders light up the path to success that is often riddled with obstacles.”

It said S.P Balasubramanyam has gracefully and with utmost humility carried the weight of the world’s respect and admiration for him on his shoulders.

His ever-youthful voice has created magic that is a reflection of his strong and passionate personality.

Balasubramanyam was presented with the ‘Distinguished Gentleman’ Atlas Trophy by Rocheston Accreditation Institute, New York, for outstanding contributions to the Film industry.

His ever-youthful voice and earnest renditions is a reflection of his passionate, humble and inspiring personality. As a playback singer, a teacher, and a performer, he has elevated the standards of Indian cinema, organisers said.