Upset over illicit affair, woman kills hubby

Upset over illicit affair, woman kills hubby

Police claimed to have solved the mystery behind the murder of a businessman, who was found dead in his house on Tuesday. His wife has been charged with the murder.

On Tuesday morning, Fathimamuthu alerted Akbar’s elder brother that her husband was lying dead with injuries on his neck, police said.
She claimed that she was sleeping in another room and suggested that a stranger may have barged into the house during the night and murdered him. Based on this, Akbar’s brother lodged a complaint with the North Beach police station.

They retrieved the body from the house and sent it for post-mortem.
The police registered a case and started investigation into the murder.

While questioning the family members, suspicion fell on his wife as the couple were known to quarrel with each other frequently over Akbar’s alleged illicit relationship with another woman.

During the course of interrogation, the woman made contradictory statements, which made the police suspect her. When police began questioning her about Akbar’s illicit relationship, Fathamuthu broke down and confessed to having murdered her husband.