Udanpirappe Movie Review

Udanpirappe Movie


Jyothika’s elder brother Sasikumar believes in instant justice and does not take the course of law in any issue. On the other hand Sasikumar’s brother-in-law Samuthirakani follows the law in every single step that he takes.

The entire family lives together in one house.

However, they part ways after Jyothika decides to save her brother’s son over her son when they both fall into a well. For fifteen years, the family do not get along with each other.

However, Jyothika believes that a marriage between her daughter and Sasikumar’s son will bring the family back together. Did it happen or not forms the rest of the story.


Directed by Era Saravanan, the movie is based around Sasikumar and Jyothika’s family. However, the director has also touched upon a few social messages. What is refreshing is that the movie does not take a stand on who is correct.

Jyothika has an emotional role to play and has done complete justice to the character. Sasikumar as the caring brother fits the role perfectly. There is not much of an action block in the movie, but Sasikumar establishes his character with his looks and body language. Samuthirkani as a strong follower of law is convincing as such characters is not new to him.

He delivers a subdued yet strong performance. Soori’s one liners click well and he gets an emotional angle too. D Imman’s songs and BGM suit the genre well.

Cinematographer R Velraj has captured the native of Pudhukottai beautifully.

Rating: 3.7/5