Two elephants die in one day in Chennai

Two elephants die in one day in Chennai

Sending shock waves among people, especially animal activists, two elephants including a three-year-old calf died on Friday in separate incidents in Tamil Nadu.

While a 15-year-old elephant was killed after it was knocked down by a train in the Madukkarai forest division on the outskirts, a calf died of serious injuries near Mankarai.

Forest Range Officers M. Senthil Kumar (Madukkarai Range), C. Dinesh Kumar (Booluvampatti) and Karthikeyan from Kerala rushed to the spot and provided medical aid, but the jumbo died.

According to information provided by the loco pilot to the railway traffic control cabin, the elephant was knocked down a little ahead of Ettimadai station, while two others crossed the track.

Blaming the train driver for the death of the elephant, the passengers said the train was running at a speed of 50 KMs, as against the normal limits of 25 to 30 Kms stipulated by the Forest Department considering frequent movement of elephants in the area.

In a separate incident, a elephant which was moving around Mankarai, some 15 kms from here, for the last 10 days due to some injuries died as its mother did not allow anyone to go near it.