Two arrested for making 2.5 year old boy drink liquor

Two arrested for making 2.5 year old boy drink liquor

Two construction workers were arrested at Ambattur in Chennai for forcefully making a two-and-half year-old consume liquor.

The boy rushed home, a make-shift tent, and complained to his mother. Dhanalakshmi, a construction worker, filed a police complaint with Ambattur police after she found the men drinking.

Palani, 36, and Selvam, 40 were arrested. They admitted that they gave liquor to the child in a spoon, as he was watching them taking sips.

Police said the two labourers made the boy drink liquor when he was playing alone near the construction site at Menambedu in the afternoon.

The incident came to light after the boy’s mother V Dhanalaksmi, 25, also a labourer, came searching for the child and noticed him sitting with the two men who were boozing on the construction site.

A police officer said, “We questioned the workers. They have admitted to have given liquor to the child. They did it for fun.” Police personnel registered a case against the duo and remanded them in judicial custody.”