Twitter bows to Rajinikanth, hails him as Thalaiva

Superstar Rajinikanth‘s clip urging people to support “Janata Curfew” on Twitter was taken down for violating Twitter rules on Saturday. It was done after some Twitter users, including a few prominent persons from Rajinikanth’s rival camp, alleged that the clip contained false information.

Even as they rejoiced Twitter removing Rajini’s clip, the big twist came on Sunday, when Twitter hailed him as thalaivaa and lauded the superstar for spreading accurate information on coronavirus

“COVID-19 குறித்த துல்லியமான தகவல்களைப் பரப்புவதை உறுதி செய்வதில் எங்களுடன் இணைந்ததற்கு நன்றி தலைவா,” mentioned Twitter India, and shared Rajini’s latest tweet on coronavirus.

Rajinikanth had tweeted that the virus was at its second stage in India and had appealed to people to stay indoors to stop the country moving to the third stage, in which the virus spreads through community transmission.

The chain of transmission could be broken by the 14-hour social distancing, he had said. “To prevent community transmission, the virus needs to be curbed totally for 12 to 14 hours,” Rajinikanth had said in a video message.

He added: “With the Prime Minister calling for Janata Curfew on March 22nd, India prepares to avoid crucial Stage 3 community transmission of coronavirus in the country. Italy tried implementing a similar nationwide curfew to prevent Stage 3, but to the lack of support from the citizens, the efforts failed, resulting in the death of thousands of people to the pandemic.”

In the video, Rajinikanth had said that COVID-19 spread can be prevented if people don’t step out for 14 hours. He also added this was the reason Prime Minister Narendra Modi had called for a 14-hour self-imposed curfew in the country.

“India is currently in Stage 2. If people don’t contract the virus which lives outside in public places frequented by people for 12-14 hours, we can stop it from going to stage 3,” he said.

He said the Italy warned its people when COVID-19 spread was in its second stage but the people did not heed the government’s instructions. It had resulted in thousands of deaths. “So, youths, adults should cooperate,” he said.