TV serial shoots commence, soaps to be back in TV channels soon

With the Tamil Nadu Government allowing TV serial shoots in Chennai and other indoor studios located in the corporation premises of the state, lovers of soaps, especially homemakers, are heaving a sigh of relief.

It is expected that mega serials will be back from next week. The government said maximum 20 persons including the actors will be allowed in the shooting spot and audiences are strictly not allowed. No one will be allowed to shoot in the containment zones.

The government order said television content creators can resume work but with safety and precautions. Conditions and restrictions have also been laid which includes crew control, choosing safe location, among others.

A shooting set cannot have more than 20 people including artistes and technicians. Shooting can take place in closed-door setup only if the said property is not located in a containment zone.

In case of outdoor filming, shooting in public places will not be allowed. However, permission can be given for outdoor filming in rural or town panchayat areas only if such a place is not a containment zone and spectators will not be allowed.

It has been stated that shootings must be conducted with no more than 20 people including the actors and technicians and spectators cannot be allowed to witness the shooting.

Disinfection of shooting venue before and after filming, besides the disinfection vehicles used for logistics, camera equipment and cranes have also been mentioned.

Except actors, all on set must wear masks and maintain social distancing and actors must wear masks during the breaks. Persons with cough, cold, fever and breathlessness must not be allowed on set.