Trust me, India will sure get its economic growth back: PM Modi

India will certainly make an economic recovery soon and is already on the path to revival with “Unlock 1” to ease out of the coronavirus lockdown, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today.

Addressing a gathering of corporates and economists days after GDP data showed slowest growth in 11 years, he said, “Yes, we will get the growth back,” the Prime Minister assured industry leaders and added, “trust me, it is not all that difficult”.

He said he has immense confidence in India’s crisis management capability and in the talent of the country’s farmers, entrepreneurs and the many MSMEs.

Online events are becoming the “new normal in the age of Covid-19”, the prime minister said. The country now needs to manufacture products which are ‘Made in India’ but are ‘Made for the World’, the PM Modi said.

“The world is looking for a trusted, reliable partner. In India, we have potential, strength and ability. Today, all of you, including all the industries must benefit from the trust that has developed for India all over the world.”

“You might wonder how I am so confident of this… I have faith in India’s talent and innovation, its hard work and dedication, its entrepreneurs and workforce,” PM Modi said in his online speech.

“On one hand we need to be safe and ensure that we control the spread of the virus, but at the same time, we need to keep the economy going,” said the PM, commenting on the coronavirus crisis that has impacted an already battered economy.