Trouble for Ghibran in Bhutan border

Music director Ghibran is currently on a road trip from Chennai to Singapore, a promotional activity called audio drive to launch the album of his new movie Chennai 2 Singapore.
Though Ghibran and team have successfully crossed the border of Bhutan in their black Ford Endeavor, they were blocked at the border for not having key document.
But they were let off by the officials after they explained the reason behind their visit. The authorities were happy to know that Ghibran composed music for Kamal movies (Uttama Villain and Papanasam) and were also keen to know about Rajini.
Meanwhile, the team was struck in earthquake too. Producer Ananthan says, “The team that left for the road trip consists director Abbas, Ghibran, actor Shiv, DOP Karthik and a driver. After releasing one song in Bhutan, they were driving towards Myanmar, when the quake happened.”
“They were pretty much near the border, and were forced to stop owing to the natural calamity. I was not even able to reach them initially. Later they contacted me saying that they moved to a nearby hotel there.”
“The problem is that they are yet to open the roads for vehicles to pass the border. I am trying to get in touch with the Myanmar Embassy to see if something can be done.”