Trisha slams Sun TV for screening 96 on Deepavali

Trisha slams Sun TV for screening 96 on Deepavali

Even as Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha Krishnan’s 96 is running successfully in Tamil Nadu theaters, Sun TV has made a surprise announcement that the film will be aired on Deepavali.

Fans of both Trisha and Vijay Sethupathi have been posting on the social media requesting Sun TV to postpone the premiere to Pongal. The latest update is that Trisha herself tweeted mentioning Sun TV to postpone the premiere.

“Its our 5th week and we still have an 80% occupancy in all theatres.We as a team feel its unfair to be premiering 96 this early,” said the actress, who played the memorable Jaanu character in the movie.

The Ghillie and Mankatha heroine added: “Its our request to push it to a Pongal viewing pls @SunTV Will be grateful #96thefilm #Ban96MoviePremierOnSunTV.”

Commenting about this issue, the director of the film, Prem Kumar, said, “A good run for a film is beneficial to a lot of people in the industry in these times. So, considering that 96 is doing well in almost all centres with more than 75 percent occupancy, it’s tough to understand why Sun TV would rush to premiere it on television. Even in the neighbouring states like Kerala and Karnataka, the film is continuing to do very good business.

A TV premiere will hence be a blow not only to the film, but also to the whole industry in many ways. Though Sun TV reserves the Satellite rights for the film, and the decision to telecast it on TV rests with the organization, we request them to postpone the premiere to the next festival session, probably for Pongal 2019, considering the above reasons. As a first time director who has fought his way to this success, I will be very grateful to them.”