Train heist: Cops land on fresh clues

Train heist: Cops land on fresh clues

Police probing the August 8 train heist have landed on new clues, in their bid to crack the sensational case.

According to reports, a rick found in the compartment from which 5.75 crore of the 342.70 crore being transported from Salem to Chennai was stolen has been handed over to the CB-CID by Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel.

It is thought to have been dropped in the coach by the suspects involved. The case had been to the CB-CID from the RPF on August 11.

The investigation officials have prepared a list of 120 robbers, and most of them belong to north India. Railway protection force (RPF) assistant commissioner Raj Mohan said, “train robber gangs normally operate from Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and other areas. We have prepared a list based on various factors and it has names of 120 persons. Among them, we suspect heavily 20 men. We are tracking them.”

The train was carrying soiled but usable currency amounting to Rs 325 crore, which the Reserve Bank of India was transporting to Chennai to destroy the cash. The train had passed through Athur, Salem and Villupuram, before reaching Chennai city.

CB-CID police reportedly detained at the Salem yard five parcel workers who had disappeared after the heist in which 5.75 crore was taken away from the train.

A team led by CB-CID superintendent of police V Nagajothi has been interogetting them at an undisclosed place, sources said. “We have taken their statements and call details to see if match their accounts with their locations at the time of the incident,” said a police officer.