Top 5 Upcoming gadgets in 2018

In this era of automation, when the world is getting dependent on technology, it is quite obvious that the human beings will also get adapted to this trend. Apart from the tech-geeks, there are other people who are also interested in the usage of the gadgets.

These smart devices not only help to satisfy the various entertainment-related desires of its users but they are extremely efficient, however, one cannot rule out the possibility of the high cost which is related to these products and it is not possible for every common man to buy these expensive gadgets.

Why are these gadgets so special?

Undoubtedly, the manufacturers of these gadgets are smart enough to keep up with the upcoming developments in the technology and according to that, they improvise their designed products. Due to this, these gadgets are so attractive from the user’s point of view. Apart from trendy features, there are certain things which are amazing about these gadgets such as, Voice detection, Fingerprint lock, Amazing options for connectivity, picture quality etc.

Another striking feature which is observed in most of the smart gadgets is their subtle or sophisticated appearance which is another reason why almost every person is interested in using them.

What are the top 5 upcoming gadgets in 2018?

If we consider the aspect of the upcoming products, then it is quite obvious that they will be the witnesses to further improvisation due to the advancement of technology. According to resources, one can expect the following top 5 smart gadgets in their hands during the tenure of the year 2018:

 1) Foldable Smart-phones: 

What can be better than being able to fold your smart-phone? Samsung has been working behind this thought process since past few years and they have been successful to materialize their thoughts into the process, a few models and their manufacturing is reported to be in process and the tech-geeks can expect the Samsung Galaxy X model by the end of 2018 only.

According to resources, this particular model of Samsung will be sleeker than the previous versions to support the concept of getting folded into a probable clamp shell-like structure. Reports have also clarified the presence of a good-quality camera as well as speakers on their designated positions. The users will be able to actually fold these smart-phones and some resources have revealed that this product can cost a minimum amount of 40,000 or even more.

2)Triple Camera Lens: 

What can be fancier than a triple lens camera? This dream will come true in 2018 with the Huawei P11 series which will be released to leave the users in ultimate awe.According to resources, this particular model will focus on the picture quality of 40 megapixels and it will simultaneously provide an option for 5x zooming capability, additionally, there will also be an existence of a 24-megapixel selfie camera which is another plus point. However, to feel this smart-phone in our hands, we need to wait until the late of March.

The price of this triple camera lens enabled smartphone is expected to be upward of Rs.30,000 and one can get access to this new gadget through most of the leading online platforms. Major Webstores such as eBay will also provide additional dealsto its users, interested in buyingthis newly launched gadget. All you have to do is to apply the eBay coupon codes to get extra benefits like cashbacks, No Cost EMI, exchange offers on your purchase.

 3)Waymo, the Driver-less Car:


Several movies and commercials have always revealed the innate human desire to possess a car without a driver, this will incorporate such an advanced technology which has been successfully adopted by Alphabet, the popular unit of Google who has spread the good news of the upcoming Driver-less car, Waymo.

This famous autonomous car will be able to handle its way on its own, the users can ride the car and decide their destinations through a mobile app which will let the car know about the way. Apart from this, one will be able to visualize the directions and they can also reach to the support center in a convenient manner. The manufacturers had already announced the test run in the end of 2017, so one can expect to utilize these self-driven cars from the mid of 2018 only.

One can expect a high price while exercising control over these cars which is not yet confirmed officially.


With the inculcation of the famous HomePod in 2018, Apple will be successful with its integration of Siri with an amazing quality of speakers

According to resources, the HomePod will have extra special features of spatial awareness, touch-related facilities and much more. It will be controlled internally by an A8 chip which is highly developed, apart from this, the ability of Siri will also be enhanced to detect every instruction and music. On the other hand, there will be special features such as a visible LED base which can ensure that the request of the user is being processed.

 5)Tesla Model Y: All Electric Crossover

This is a fact that one can actually see and experience this practical electric car produced by Tesla towards the late period of 2018. This innovation of Tesla perhaps will contain solar glass on its surfaces, and the car will be completely autonomous in nature, apart from this, there will be several other promising features of this particular Y model of Tesla.

The Final Word

The development of the technology is visible from every aspect because those technologies are being used in these upcoming top gadgets which were once an imagination for a majority of people. It is obvious that the development of these smart gadgets are the end results of tremendous efforts which were being put forward by a large number of geniuses who are the pioneers of the entire process.