TN textbooks to replace ‘Central government’ with ‘Union government’: Leoni

Newly appointed chairman of Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation ‘Dindigul’ I Leoni on Thursday revived the debate over the term “Union government” by proposing to replace the term “central govt” with “Union government” in the textbooks printed by the corporation.

Speaking to media persons after meeting Chief Minister M K Stalin at Fort St George, Leoni said that people have started using the term Union government very well and it has found great public acceptance after the media started using it widely.

Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation would fully engage in replacing the word Central government with Union government in the school textbooks to be printed for the coming term, Leoni said.

The ruling party’s choice of vocabulary became a political talking point after leaders of the state BJP objected to the DMK’s ministers using ‘union’ government to refer to the Government of India in their official correspondence. The issue created so much political heat that the chief minister justified their choice of vocabulary and declared in the State Assembly that they would continue to use the term union government.