TN police dept bans use of mobile phones by cops below SI rank

TN police dept bans use of mobile phones by cops below SI rank

The Tamil Nadu police has banned officials below the rank of a sub-inspector from using mobile phones while on work, saying it “distracts” them from discharging official duties.

“It is noticed that police personnel deployed on important bandobust duties frequently use cell phones for WhatsApp etc. and this distracts them from discharging official duties, particularly at sensitive and critical times,” a memorandum said.

The memorandum requested unit officers to instruct their subordinates that mobile phones could be used only by Sub-Inspectors and officers of higher rank. While on important duty, mobile phones can be used only for official purposes.

The circular issued by the office of Director General of Police (DGP) TK Rajendiran, particularly pointed out at the men in uniform using the mobiles to surf the social media.

Henceforth, only officials above the rank of sub-inspector can use mobile phones while on duty even as it is “used only for official purpose,” while on important duty, it said.

In August this year, Tamil Nadu government had banned usage of mobile phones in colleges. The Directorate of Collegiate Education has issued a circular asking all arts, science and other colleges to ban use of phones by students on the premises of institutions.

The circular issued by Higher Education Department cited that in co-education colleges, they have received complaints that boys were taking videos and pictures of girl students.