TN people behind ban on Jallikattu

TN people behind ban on Jallikattu?

It is alleged that Animal Welfare Board of India vice chairman Chinny Krishna, who hails from Chennai, is responsible behind the ban on Jallikattu.

“He also heads Blue Cross and brought up PETA India into Indian soil. He, his wife and two sons control AWBI & Blue Cross and shield the foreign NGO called PETA India,” says a message in the social media.

Recently, Chinny Krishna was quoted as saying by an English daily that the board will continue to oppose jallikattu and will ensure that the apex court’s recent order and observations are implemented in letter and spirit.

In an earlier interview, he said the then Tamil Nadu govt circumventing the Supreme Court’s wishes passed “Jallikattu Special Act” empowering the govt to conduct the sport.

But even this very act is contrary to the Prevention of Cruelties to Animals Act he further said.

He also said when they described all cruelties undergone by animals to senior Supreme Court lawyers K.K. Venugopal and Ariyama Sundaram, both of them refused to accept fees for their appearance.

“These two top lawyers who generally charge few lakhs for each appearance refused even a paisa and they are appearing for us free of cost as they were literally moved in tears after hearing the cruelties inflicted on bulls”, added Chinny Krishna.