TN needs political revolution: Rajinikanth

TN needs political revolution: Rajinikanth

Rajinikanth, who announced his decision to launch a political party and field candidates in all the 234 constituencies in Tamil Nadu in the next assembly polls, hopes his initiative will help set the “incorrect system” in the state right.

Rajinikanth on Tuesday said honest and secular politics is spiritual politics and Tamil Nadu, where he wants to bring about major changes, was the land of several revolutions.

“Tamil Nadu had been in the forefront of several struggles in the past, right from the freedom struggle for the country. Once again, we have a situation in the state, where there is a need for a political revolution,” Rajinikanth told the media in Chennai on Tuesday.

He declined to specify when he will announce the name and symbol of his proposed party.

“I myself do not know,” was his terse reply when questioned by reporters. Asked if he will meet the people, he said in due course it will be made known.

After entering the film industry, his first interview was to a Tamil film magazine – Bommai in the year 1976. “Even during the peak of 1996, (when he made those famous ‘bomb culture’ and ‘even God cannot save Tamil Nadu’ statements), beyond a couple of statements, I have not interacted with the media much. I am not used to it,” he said.