TN govt asks temples to perform special poojas for rain

The State Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR & CE) department has issued a circular to all the major temples in Tamil Nadu to carry out special prayers to propitiate the rain god.

The circular signed by the department commissioner Phanindra Reddy has also named specific temples for conducting exclusive prayers for the purpose.

In a circular issued on April 26, the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department said it has been decided to conduct special ‘yagnas’ and prayers at such temples in line with their customs and practices and asked its officials to comply with the directions.

“It has been decided by the HR and CE to perform yagam in important temples that come under the department hoping for bountiful rains during monsoons in the year 2019-20,” the circular issued to authorities of the shrines said.

Besides, the temples have also been asked to organise musicians to play ‘ragas’ such as “Amrithavarshini”, divine ragas in Carnatic music that are said to bring showers when played.

As per the circular, ragas like Amirthavarshini, Meghavarshini, Kedaram, Anandabhairavi and Rupakalyani should be played with musical instruments like nadaswaram, violins, veenas and flutes at the temples.

The commissioner also advised the officials to have a water tank constructed near the Nandi idol in Lord Shiva temples and collect water after performing pooja and abhishekam to Nandi idol.