TN government agrees to provide five per cent hike to Transport Department employees

The State government has agreed to provide a five per cent salary hike to Transport Department employees effective from January 2022.

The promise has been made to the Transport Department Trade unions by Minister SS Sivashankar during the 14th wage revision talks held in the city. “Based on earlier talks, Rs. 1,000 has been given as an interim arrangement. The trade unions demanded 8 per cent hike. But, the government has promised 2 per cent hike from September 2019 and 3 per cent hike from January 2022. In total, 5 per cent hike will be provided, ” Sivashankar said after the talks.

He also assured that the shortcomings of earlier talks will be rectified and the final decision will be taken after discussions with trade unions.

During the talk, transport unions demanded the government to give additional incentives to the drivers and conductors, who work in ordinary fare buses in which women passengers are allowed to travel without fare. “The demand has been accepted and will be implemented. Also, allowances will be increased, ” he said.

While speaking to reporters, Sivashankar said that the number of buses in which women are allowed to travel without charges has been increased from 40 per cent to 61 per cent.