TN fixes time slot, issues regulations for bursting crackers during Deepavali

TN fixes time slot, issues regulations for bursting crackers during Deepavali

The Tamil Nadu government on Friday said people would be allowed to burst firecrackers between 6 am and 7 am and 7 pm and 8 pm on Diwali, in line with the Supreme Court directive.

A state government release also urged people of the state to burst crackers with low decibel and pollution levels.

The statement said since the Apex court had rejected
the State government’s plea to grant additional two hours time for bursting crackers and had advised itself to determine the two hour slot, it has been decided to allow bursting of crackers from 0600 hrs to 0700 hrs in the morning and from 1900 hrs to 2000 hrs in the evening.

Stating that the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board would conduct air quality level checks in all the corporations seven days before and after the Deepavali festival, the release said it was everyone’s duty to ensure a pollution-free environment.

In its suggestions to the general public, the government said low decibel crackers that caused less pollution could be used.

Welfare associations “could try” to obtain prior permission from local bodies to gather and burst crackers in public places, it stated.

On October 23, in an attempt to rein in the pollution caused by the crackers, the Supreme Court had permitted the bursting of firecrackers between 8 and 10 pm for Deepavali across the country. The order by the SC comes after a PIL had sought a ban on the manufacture and sale of firecrackers in the country.

The Tamil Nadu government had requested a bigger window to burst crackers in the state on account of the tradition of celebrating Deepavali early in the morning.