TN is the best place for investment M K Stalin

TN is the best place for investment: M K Stalin

Criticising the way social welfare schemes are referred to as doles or freebies, the working president of DMK, MK Stalin said, “I am compelled to point out the vast differences between our inclusive approach to growth which we call social welfare spending versus the disruptive policies that effect the economically weaker section and the common man which has been termed development”.

“We are ready to bear the burden of welfare measures even if some people call them freebies,” said Stalin, who was speaking on the topic ‘Growth or Freebies’ at the India Today conclave in the city.

“Can anyone criticise distribution of rice at a subsidised rate, provision of noon meals to schoolchildren, and distribution of old age pensions?

More than 85 lakh households benefited under the 1kg for Re 1 rice scheme. Our government ameliorated the hunger of numerous households living below the poverty line by provision of rice at a subsidised rate,” said Stalin.

Stalin criticised the Narendra Modi government’s demonetisation move, saying, “We first supported the decision, thinking that it would tackle black money.”

Now we feel sad because the implementation has caused suffering to ordinary people and we feel sad that we had supported the move initially, he said.

He stated, “Tamil Nadu has become the best state for industrial development. The best policies are not about doles or freebies – we should not be perceived that way. The economical development of Tamil Nadu has been growing consistently – it marks a good future for the country itself. Dravidian movement in this state is focused on development and not to give freebies. That perception is wrong.”

He said Tamil Nadu has been at the forefront of inclusive growth and therefore has become the best place for investment.