TN Assembly to meet in January first week

TN Assembly to meet in January first week?

The Tamil Nadu Assembly is expected to meet during the first week of January next year. According to reports, the session is expected to be brief but stormy, with the opposition planning to raise multiple issues in the House.

Since this is going to be the first sitting for the new year, it will commence with the customary address by the Governor. Then the business advisory committee will meet and decide on the duration of the session, it is said.

According to reports, since the Lok Sabha elections are falling in May, financial allocations for six months are expected to be made during the session.

Meanwhile, Chennai occupies the first place when it comes to the number of new voter’s registered to be included in the Tamil Nadu electoral rolls followed by Vellore and Kanchipuram.

In total 13,73,595 people have applied to be included in the electoral rolls. The consolidation of the voters is ongoing and the final list will be published by the Election Commission on 4 January.

Chennai had the highest count of newly registered voters with 1.06 lakh people. Vellore (96,044) and Kanchipuram (93,643) come next.

The election commission had announced earlier that voters could remove or add their names from 1 September to 31 October.

In light of this, special camps were conducted in over 67,000 places all over Tamil Nadu on 9 and 23 September, and 7 and 14 October. Of the overall entries, Vellore (1,59,956) received the highest number of consolidated applications followed by Chennai (1,37,434) and Coimbatore (1,26,667).