TN Assembly once again adopts anti-NEET bill

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, which was created by MCI regulations and not the Constitution, was a sacrificial altar that kills the poor and rural students, said Chief Minister MK Stalin.
Speaking at the special session, Stalin said only coaching centres benefitted from the test while poor students were denied education. “We are seeking exemption for aspirants who can’t afford expensive coaching. It is a test ridden with irregularities and sidelines rural and poor students in the garb of merit. NEET is not a test; it is a sacrificial altar that kills [aspirants],” he said, wondering the need for the test that sent some students to their graveyard and some to prisons.
The State Assembly, which laid the foundation for social justice, rights of underprivileged, progress of Tamil race and development of the language, would be capable of eliminating the social injustice called NEET, he added. The legislators had gathered not just to debate against NEET, but “to propose social justice backed education policy nationwide and to protect the sovereignty and legislating powers of the House”, said the Chief Minister.
Refusing to accept the reasons that Governor RN Ravi cited for returning the NEET exemption Bill, the CM defended Justice AK Rajan committee report stating that it was not based on mere assumptions, but contained views of nearly a lakh people and concluded with facts and statistics that NEET has reduced mixed social representation.
Likening the neglect of State Board syllabus in NEET question paper preparation to racial discrimination, Chief Minister Stalin said it was contrary to ideas of equality and fundamental rights.