It's time to follow Kamal

It’s time to follow Kamal

Piracy is slowly killing Kollywood and the latest victim is Baahubali 2, as the full film was out on net even before it could hit the screens in these parts.

At this juncture, many feel that it’s time to follow Kamal Haasan’s words, as the actor-filmmaker had said years ago itself that premiering films in DTH and other modes could be the best way to fight piracy.

His film Vishwaroopam was to be premiered on the DTH platform  a day prior to hitting the theatres. But that did not happen due to protest from the industry.

Kamal initially put a brave face to the protest. But he had to succumb later. Speaking about the protest of theatre owners against the DTH release of the film, Kamal had said, “I am doing an honest and legitimate trade. No one has the right to stop me from going ahead.”

He added: “I will take legal action against those who threaten me and who try to prevent me from doing this.”

“I am a businessman adhering to the laws of the land and exploring new avenues for business not just for myself but for the entire film industry,” he had said.

Will other ‘businesssmen’ in the industry follow him?