Thriuvin Kural movie review


Arulnithi is a partially deaf and mute person who takes care of the construction work along with his father Bharathi Raja.

He is about to get married to Aathmika in a few days. One day Bharathiraja gets hurt in an accident.

While admitting Bharathiraja at the hospital, Arulnithi clashes with the staffs there.

Due to this the staff give duplicate medicine to Bharathiraja.

What happens next, how did the medicine affect Bharathiraja, did he survive or not forms the rest of the story.


Director Harish Prabhu has took the immoral activities taking place at the hospitals as the core theme of the movie and has weaved a completely different plot from it.

The entire film is action packed which has worked out in a decent manner.

First half of the film is highly engaging, but the second half lags at some places as the entire film takes place in one location.

Arulnithi has once again chosen a content driven script and has done complete justice to his character.

Being a partially deaf and mute person who is short tempered, Arulnithi has done a decent job.

With the entire plot taking place around his, Bharathiraja has delivered a seasoned performance.

Aathmika does not have much to do. Rest of the cast have performed well.

Music by Sam CS is pulsating and suits with the theme of the movie.

Rest of the technical aspects are good.

Rating: 3.2/5