VCK being chased out of DMK alliance, Thiruma gets ready for revenge

Thirumavalavan to be arrested?

Multiple complaints have been filed against VCK chief Thol Thirumavalavan for his distasteful comments against Hindu women and the police are expected to take action on them soon.

A row erupted in Tamil Nadu over the alleged derogatory remarks of Lok Sabha MP and Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi founder Thirumavalvan about women, with the BJP lashing out at him and demanding an apology.

The allegation against the Chidambaram (SC) Member of Parliament was that he spoke ill of women while citing Manusmriti, an ancient code of conduct. He said Hindu women are prostitutes.

Kushboo Sundar of the BJP condemned Thirumavalavan’s statement and demanded that he prove his claim that the Manusmriti says “women are prostitutes”. Asked whether she had read the Manusmriti, Kushboo said there was “not a single word that demeans women”.

The Cyber Crime Wing of the CCB booked a case on Friday against Thirumavalavan based on an online complaint from Ashwathaman, a BJP functionary.

Meanwhile, Thirumavalavan has tweeted that the VCK will hold a protest on October 24, seeking a ban on the ancient book of laws, which is considered to be a code of conduct for Hindu society. The text, which was written between the 2nd century BCE and the 3rd century CE, was used to frame Hindu laws by the British colonial government.

In a video, Thirumavalavan said, “If one were to look at how women are valued in Sanatana Dharma… how they are treated, how they are being suppressed for time immemorial, how they are being exploited… what does Sanatana Dharma say about women?”

He added, “That is how they have been created by God. They are of lower status than men. This is applicable to Brahmin women as well as women of other castes. This is what the Sanatana Dharma says”.