THIRUCHCHAANOOR SRI PADMAVATHI THAAYAR (Sri Alamelu Manga) BRAHMOTHSAVAM from 15th Nov 2017 to 23rd Nov 2017


The Brahmothsavam of Sri Padmavathi Thaayar is being celebrated at Thiruchaanoor from 15th Nov 2017 to 23rd Nov 2017 as usual in a Grand Scale. Only in a few Divya Desams Thaayar Brahmothsavam is conducted and Thiruchaanoor Thaayar Brahmothsavam is the foremost among them.

The important festivals are detailed as below

15.11.2017 Wednesday night Small Sesha Vahanam

16.11.2017 Thursday Morning Big
Sesha Vahanam

16.11.2017 Thursday night Hamsa Vahanam

17.11.2017 Friday Night Simha Vahanam

18.11.2017 Saturday night Hanumantha Vahanam

19.11.2017 Sunday Morning Pallakku Vahanam
19.11.2017 Sunday night Gaja Vahanam

20.11.2017 Monday night Garuda Vahanam

21.11.2017 Tuesday Morning Surya Prabai
21.11.2017 Tuesday night Chandra Prabai

22. 11.2017 Wednesday Morning Thiruther
22.11.2017 Wednesday night Kuthurai Vahanam

The very most important festival is the concluding day celebrations “PANCHAMI THEERTHAM” = “CHAKKRA STHANAM”
on 23.11.2017 Thursday Morning when thousands of devotees will be taking their holy bath in “Sri Padma Sarovara sacred Tank with utmost devotion.

The unique, wonderful feature and incalculable value of this ‘Pushkarani’ is said that the “Lordess Mahalakshmi’ made her sacred appearance with full of Golden Lotus flowers surround in the whole Holy Tank and a dip in it leads to Salvation (Moksha), particularly in the PANCHAMI THEERTHAM day.

All necessary and important arrangements for the Brahmothsavam are being made by Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam authorities and Andhra Pradesh Police Department.

Needless to say all devotees are requested to assemble in the divine Brahmothsavam of the Thayar and derive the blessings of the Mahalakshmi for the welfare of the whole humanity throughout the Globe.

T Raghavan