The Trailer of Amala Paul’ s Cadaver is out !

Anoop S. Panicker has directed this breathtaking fast paced thriller which has music by Ranjin Raj. 
Abhilash Pillai is the dialogue writer. Aravind Singh is the cinematographer and San Lokesh is the editor. 
 Amala Paul plays the female lead.   Harish Uthaman, Munishkanth, Trigun (formerly Adit Arun), Athulya Ravi, Rithwika, Vinod Sagar, Jaya Rao, Vaishnavi Pillai, Pasupathi, Nizhalgal Ravi, Pushparaj and Velu Prabhakar appear in crucial characters. 
Cadaver is a gritty bone -splitting crime thriller in which a Police Surgeon is brought onboard as an Investigation Officer, Bhadra in a clueless case of cold -blooded murder in collaboration with ACP Vishal . The murders continue to take place and the mystery thickens as it deepens further! 
The case is almost drawn to a close by the higher ups but before that Bhadra ‘ s relentless pursuit of the case brings up a break leading to the unveiling of the mystery and the brain behind! 
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