The Tamil Nadu weatherman is now on Hoote app, giving weather predictions in Tamil in his own voice

The newly-launched voice-based social media platform – Hoote by Soundarya Rajinikanth VSV & Sunny Pokala has already become a community of powerful voices. Recently Tamil Nadu Weatherman John Pradeep has joint Hoote.

Welcoming Mr. John Pradeep, Soundarya Rajinikanth VSV said, “John Pradeep’s contribution to the insights about Tamil Nadu’s weather conditions, accurate predictions and a general concern by giving fellow citizens timely updates and warnings has been extremely invaluable, we look forward to hearing more from our dear weatherman on Hoote.”

 “It’s finally nice to hear the voice of Tamil Nadu weatherman John Pradeep. His in-depth analysis of the changing weather patterns, timely updates on the recent Tamil Nadu rains has benefitted the public at large. We are extremely delighted that he has joint Hoote. added co-founder Sunny Pokala.

Meanwhile, many other leading personalities across industries have also joined Hoote. One can join the platform through a simple sign-in process and record messages up to record an audio message up to 60 seconds (180 seconds for verified users) and share it to the world. A unique feature in Hoote that allows users to further enhance their messages to a whole new cinematic experience is the option to select and add a BGM! Hoote also assists in capturing the visual nuances of the voice message by providing the users with an option to add an image. This new cutting-edge cloud native application is India’s first voice-based social media platform for the world.