The next big one in Kalaignar TV

The noted television artiste and talk show host, Ms. Lakshmi Ramakrishnan is a household name in the Tamil society. Although she has been on a sabbatical in recent times, she is soon to return to public attention in the next big show launched by Kalaignar TV and so aptly titled NERKONDA PAARVAI.

It’s the small mistakes that we commit in our daily lives that have the deadliest potential to morph as big crimes. We fail to appreciate that we cannot be the judge for our virtues or vices. This leads to the mob behaviour of justifying our own misdeeds, which is what has led to all the moral degradation in our society.

It is such misdeeds that affect each of us individually and collectively that will be “thrashed threadbare in this show” in an effort to bring out the naked truth and set right what we can.

Nerkonda Paarvai will launch in Kalaignar TV on 17th Feb’ 2020 and will be on air at 8:00 PM between Monday toThursday. Don’t miss. Lakshmi strikes again.