The Garuda Seva of Lord Ranganathar at Thiruneermalai Temple celebrated yesterday night in a big way

Thousand of devotees have gathered to get the blessings of Lord Ranganathar.

Before the Garuda Seva, Unjal Seva took place in a very nice manner.

Free food were provided by different section of groups.
People have enjoyed the Fire Crakers  during the Garuda Seva.

Sri Raju Bhattar, Sri Kasturi Bhattar, Sri Balaji Bhattar, Sri Gautham Bhattar  and  other Bhattars have taken care of the Thiruvaparanam (Sacred  Ornaments) and flower   for Lord Sri Ranganathar for the Garuda Seva.

Tamil Nadu Police Department has taken enough care for the safety of the public and smooth trafic during the Divine procession from the beginning to the end.
Arrangements for the same  are  being made  by Smt M Annakodi,  Assistant  Commissioner  / Thakkar and Mr P Sakthi , EO.
T Raghavan