Text of PM’s address to Indian Armed Forces in Leh, India

Long live Mother India

Long live Mother India

Friends , your courage , your valor, and your dedication to protect Ma Bharti’s honor is incomparable. Your livelihood is not less than anyone in the world. In the difficult conditions, the height at which you protect the mother Bharati by protecting her, she can not compete in the whole world.

Your courage is even higher than where you are stationed. Your determination is stronger than the valley you measure daily with your steps. Your arms are as strong as the rocks that surround you. Your will is as strong as the surrounding mountains. I am feeling it by coming among you today. I am seeing it with my own eyes.

Friends , when the defence of the country is in your hands, your strong intentions, then there is an unwavering belief. Not only me, the whole country has unwavering faith and the country is relaxed as well. When you are standing on the border, this is what motivates every countryman to work day and night for the country. The resolve of self-reliant India becomes stronger because of you people, because of your sacrifice, sacrifice, effort. And now you and your comrades who have shown bravery, have given this message to the whole world about what India’s strength is.

Right now I am also seeing women soldiers in front of me. In the battlefield , this scene on the border inspires itself.

Partners , national poet Ramdhari Singh was written by Dinkar G.

Whose consent from the battle. The earth is still drooling.

Tomorrow , speak their glory today. Pen, write about his glory today..

So , today I speak with your voice, I greet you. I also pay tribute again to my brave soldiers who were martyred in Galvan Valley. Among them, from the east, from the west, from the north, from the south, the heroes of every corner of the country used to show their valor. With his might, his battle cry, the earth is still cheering him on. Today, every nation’s head bowes respectfully before you, bowing respectfully in front of the brave soldiers of his country. Today, every Indian’s chest is puffed up by your bravery and valor.

Peers , had the earth by virtue of the blessing of the Indus. This earth is included in the stories of valor and valor of brave sons. From Leh-Ladakh to Kargil and Siachen, from the snowy peaks of Rizangla to the cold water stream of Galvan valley, every peak, every mountain, every jara-jarra, every pebble-stone bears testimony to the might of Indian soldiers. There are 14 varieties of corps’ jambaji all around. The world has seen your indomitable courage, known. Your heroic stories are echoing from house to house and the enemies of Mother India have seen your fire as well as your fury.

Friends , this whole part of Ladakh, this India’s brain, is a symbol of respect for 130 crore Indians. This land is the land of the nationalists who are always ready to sacrifice for India. This earth has given great patriotic countries like Kushockbakula Rinponche. It was Rinponchheji, because of him who mobilized the local people in the nefarious intentions of the enemy. Led by Rinponche, every conspiracy to create segregation here has been foiled by the patriotic people of Ladakh. It was the result of his inspiring efforts that the country, the Indian Army, got the inspiration to create an infantry regiment called Ladakh Scout. Today, the people of Ladakh are making wonderful contributions to strengthen the nation at every level – be it the army or the duties of ordinary citizens.

Friends , we are told here-

Kdgen Akramy Vandita Invasion: Punia heroic experiencer Vasundhara

That is, Veer protects the motherland of the earth with the power of his weapon. This earth is heroic , for the brave. Our support and strength to its defense-security, our resolve is as high as the Himalayas. This ability and this resolve, I can see in your eyes right now. It is clearly visible on your faces. You are the hero of the same earth who has responded to the attacks, atrocities of many invaders for thousands of years. We, and this is our identity, we are the people who worship flute Krishna. We are the same people who follow Sudarshan Chakradhari Krishna as an ideal. With this inspiration, India has emerged stronger after every attack.

Friends , everyone accepts peace and friendship for the progress of the nation, of the world, of humanity, that everyone believes it is very important. But we also know that peace can never bring the weak. The weak cannot initiate peace. Bravery is the precondition for peace. If India is extending its strength to water, land, sky and space, then the goal behind it is human welfare. India is manufacturing modern weapons today. Bringing the modern technology from the world to the Indian Army, so is the spirit behind it. If India is building modern infrastructure at a fast pace, then the message behind it is the same.

If we remember the world war, whether it is a world war or a matter of peace – the world has seen the might of our heroes and felt their efforts for world peace whenever it is needed. We have always worked for humanity, for humanity, for the protection and protection of humanity, and for life. All of you are the leaders who have established this glorious culture of India, the same goal of India, this tradition of India.

Friends , the great Saint Thiruvalluvar Ji said hundreds of years ago-

Marmanam Mand Vadichelvatram Yena
Nangay Yemam Padaikku

That is , the tradition and credibility of valor , honor, dignified behavior, these four qualities are the reflection of the army of any country. Indian forces have always followed this path.

Peers , has ended the era of expansionism, the era of evolution. Evolutionism is only relevant in a rapidly changing time. There are opportunities for developmentalism and developmentalism is also the basis of future. In the last centuries expansionism has done the greatest harm to humanity, and tried to destroy humanity. The stubbornness of expansionism has always threatened anyone in the face of world peace.

And friends , let’s not forget, history is witness that such forces have been erased or forced to turn. The world has always had this experience and on the basis of this experience, now again the whole world has made up its mind against expansionism. Today the world is devoted to developmentalism and is welcoming the open competition for development.

Friends , when I think of a decision related to the defense of the nation, I first remember two mothers – first of all of us Bharatmata, and secondly of those brave mothers who have given birth to mighty warriors like you, I I remember those two mothers. This is the test of my decision. Following this criterion, the country attaches the highest priority to your honor, respect for your family and protection of Mother India.

We have been paying a lot of attention to all the modern weapons for the armies or the necessary equipment for you. Now the spending on border infrastructure in the country has almost tripled. This has also led to the development of border area development and roads, bridges along the border very fast. One of the biggest advantages of this is that now the goods reach you in a short time.

Friends , for a long time for better co-ordination in the armies, which had long been expected – be it the formation of the post of Chief of Defense or the creation of the National War Memorial; Whether it is the decision of one rank one pension or the continuous work for the right arrangement, from the care of your family to education, the country is strengthening its forces and soldiers at every level today.

Friends , Lord Gautam Buddha has said-

Courage is about commitment , conviction. Courage is compassion, courage is compassion. Courage is what teaches us to stand boldly and steadfast in the side of truth. Courage is what gives us the energy to say and do what is right.

Colleagues , brave sons of the country showed exemplary courage in the Glwan Valley, it is the culmination of power. The country is proud of you, proud of you. With you, our ITBP personnel, BSF partners, soldiers of our BRO and other organizations, engineers working in difficult circumstances, laborers; You are all doing amazing work. Everyone is dedicated to protecting mother Bharati, shoulder to shoulder, in the service of Mother Bharati.

Today, with the hard work of all of you, the country is fighting many disasters simultaneously and with great persistence. Taking inspiration from all of you, together we keep conquering every challenge , the most difficult challenge, we will keep on conquering. In front of which India, and the dream of which we all are protecting, and especially you are protecting the country on the outskirts, we will make India of that dream. Will make your dream India. 130 crore countrymen will not stay behind, I have come to assure you today. We will create a strong and self-reliant India, we will remain so. And when you get inspiration, the resolve of self-reliant India becomes even more powerful.

I once again congratulate you all very much, thank you very much. Speak full strength with me-

Long live Mother India

Long live Mother India

Vande Mataram – Vande Mataram – Vande Mataram

Thank you