Techie's dad opposes Swathi Kolai Vazhakku film

Techie’s dad opposes Swathi Kolai Vazhakku film

Santhanagopalakrishnan, father of techie Swathi who was killed at Nungambakkam railway station last year, on Wednesday approached the director general of police, to stop the release of a film on his daughter’s murder.

Santhanagopalakrishnan had given a petition to the DGP that the film should not be released as no consent from him has been obtained.

He is also reported to have mentioned in the pleas that the film would bring in a lot of mental agony to the family.

The trailer of Swathi Kolai Vazhakku, a film based on murder of Swathi, the 24-year-old software engineer, and the real life incidents surrounding the subsequent investigation was released by the makers on Monday.

The movie’s trailer depicted the murder case as seen by a police officer investigating the murder. Swathi was murdered in the Nungambakkam railway station on June 24 2016, in the morning as she was waiting for a train.

The film is directed by SD Ramesh Selvan. The director has claimed that the film will unveil many unknown secrets about the death of Swathi and Ramkumar. He also said the film will be showed to the parents of Swathi and the parents of Ramkumar before release.