TASMAC sales dip during Deepavali

TASMAC sales dip during Deepavali

The state-owned Tasmac shops sold booze worth Rs 135 crore on the festival day, which is actually a little over double the average Wednesday sales.

However, reports said sales were down 8% compared to last year’s ₹265 crore. If the impact of the increase in MRP is included, the dip was 14.3%.

On Wednesday, as the State celebrated the festival of lights, Tasmac sales touched over ₹135 crore. The day before Deepavali, it registered sales of over ₹95 crore, according to a Tasmac official.

Tasmac ran 6,270 shops across the state last year but the number has come now to around 5,000, thanks to the Supreme Court ordering closure of shops on the highways and the public agitations against the relocation of the ‘affected’ shops.

On average, Tasmac, a cash cow of the government, sells liquor worth about ₹70 crore a day on weekdays. During weekends and festival days, this figure goes up to ₹100 crore

Reports said that there is considerable increase in inter-state smuggling due to price increase here. Also, some popular brands have disappeared from Tasmac shelves.