Tamilnadu is fully committed to achieving greater autonomy: Guv

Outlining the newly elected DMK government’s policy, Governor Banwarilal Purohit on Monday said Tamilnadu is fully committed to achieving greater autonomy for states and at the same time maintain cordial ties with the Union government.
In his first session of the 16th Assembly, Purohit said that the State has urged the Union to increase the allocation of vaccine doses. He also said that so far Rs 335.01 crore has been collected under the Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund (CMPRF). Of that, Rs 50 crore would be allotted for preparatory measure for the anticipated third wave and another Rs 50 crore for augmenting the supply of liquid medical oxygen to government hospitals.
The Governor urged the government to provide clean administration that will revitalise Lok Ayukta and will empower to deal with complaints against public authorities, including elected representatives and government officials. A Right to Services Act will be introduced to streamline the delivery of various public services by government agencies.
“Chief Minister had appointed a special officer to resolve all the grievance petitions received during ‘Ungal Thoguthiyil Muthalamaichar’ within 100 days,” Governor said adding that 63,500 petitions were resolved already.Further, he said that the State government will continue to urge the Union government to declare Tamil as one of the official languages of India and to use Tamil as a co-official language in all central government offices, including nationalised banks situated in the State. The government will introduce a separate annual budget for agriculture to increase agricultural productivity and protect farmers’ welfare.