Tamilnadu has highest number of Delta Plus variant in India

Nine cases of Delta Plus variant have been reported in TN so far, including seven cases in Chennai and one in Kancheepuram and Madurai districts respectively.

Of the 48 such cases in India among the 45,000 samples tested, TN has second highest tally after Maharashtra recording 20 cases. Officials said that three of the 1,159 samples sent for genomic sequencing by Tamil Nadu Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine (DPH) have been tested while results are awaited for another 380 samples. While two patients recovered from COVID, one patient from Madurai died. The remaining six cases of Delta Plus variant from the ICMR-NIE samples have recovered from COVID.

Health minister Ma Subramanian said that many people could have been affected by the new variant during the second wave.

“However, it has had no unprecedented effect or spread factor. The same treatment was given to these patients too. Now those affected with the new variant are stable and even their relatives who were tested upon contact tracing are well. Their test results were negative,” he said.