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Tamilnadu government allots Rs 25 crore to procure medicines to treat mucormycosis

The State government on Monday allotted Rs 25 crore from Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund (CMPRF) to procure medicines for treating mucormycosis.

“Medicines required for treating mucormycosis such as Amphotericin and other lifesaving drugs would be procured at the cost of Rs 25 crore allotted from CMPRF,” said Chief Minister M K Stalin in a statement.

Meanwhile, after Stain urged people to donate to CMPRF to undertake pandemic control measures, various corporates and individuals have come forward to support the efforts. As on Monday, Rs 280.2 crore was collected.
Including this Rs 25 crore, the State government has now allotted Rs 166.4 crore from CMPRF for COVID related works. Before this, Rs 141.4 crore was allotted for various purposes like procurement of Remdesivir, cylinders to transport oxygen from other states, and other related equipment such as oxygen concentrators.