Tamilisai strongly bats for Uniform Civil Code

Tamilisai strongly bats for Uniform Civil Code

Bharatiya Janata Party State president Tamilisai Soundararajan has said the Law Commission’s questionnaire on Uniform Civil Code should not be misconstrued as an attempt at meddling in religious affairs.

Speaking to reporters at the Coimbatore airport on Sunday, she argued that the move should be seen as an attempt to bring in a uniform law for all and protecting women’s rights.

The triple talaq provision for seeking divorce was against women’s rights and even many countries that followed Islam had done away with it, she said.

She refuted charges by some political parties that the Centre is trying to lay hands on laws affecting religious freedom and rights, saying triple talaq is seriously affecting freedom and rights of women.

“Triple Talaq, which is not practised even in Islamic countries, is seriously affecting the freedom and rights of women,” she said.

She demanded to know why political parties and organisations which raise a hue and cry on petty issues related to women, were keeping quiet on the talaq issue.