Tamilisai asks visitors to give money instead of shawls, garlands

With a view to help others, BJP state president Tamilisai Soundararajan has asked people visiting her to give money, instead of shawls and garlands.

“A small help to Durai for his sons education i appreciate him inspite of disability working hard to educate him,” she said in a tweet, in which she uploaded a picture of her presenting financial aid to one Durai.

She added: “Responding my appeal since one year to replace shalve with affordable contribution i could help some needy who come to Kamalalayam for help.”

She said further: “We havehelped 6collegestudents24 school students 5 to start small business (tailoring ,iron) One for sports 7cyclesnot propagated so far. now tweeted as everyday people come for help assessing the situation we help i hand over what ever i get to office sec&distribute thr’him.”

In spite of request some friends continue to show their affection with shalves &garlands kindly view the above tweets ,you may help a needy, she concluded.

Meanwhile at Kamalalayam, the head office of BJP in T Nagar recently, Tamilisai Soundararajan held a meeting to spread awareness on GST.

With regards to the awareness programme, she introduced a web portal service on GST and also an app about the presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind. The state vice president P.T Arasakumar and secretary Karu Naagarajan were also present in the event.