Tamilaruvi Manian quits politics, Arjuna Murthy stays with Rajini

Less than 24 hours after Rajinikanth opted out of politics, the actor’s close aide Tamilaruvi Manian also quit politics and said he would never enter into it in the future.

However, Arjuna Murthy, who was appointed coordinator of Rajinikanth’s party, said that he would be with the actor considering his health condition.

In a statement on Wednesday morning, Tamilaruvi Manian said, ‘I will not come back to politics till my death.’

‘Many people accused me for my attempt to change the politics here,” he said adding “it really hurts me to hear that.’ He claimed that both the Dravidian parties have ignored Gandhian values, which was adopted by late Congress leader and former chief minister Kamarajar.

Meanwhile, Arjuna Murthy, who met reporters said that he would be with Rajinikanth and will not leave him to join other parties.

‘This is the time to help and therefore, my journey will be with him only,’ he added. Stating that Rajini would continue to serve the people, he said ‘my sincere prayer is that he should come back hale and healthy.’