A Tamil Singer from U. S.!

A Tamil Singer from U. S.!

With his roots from Tamilnadu basically, Mohan Narayanan is a self – motivated entrepreneur who is based in California since over 3 decades! With about 250 employees in employment in an organization in which he is positioned as a Director, Mohan has been very passionate about singing since his early days! After working hard at office from morning till evening, Mohan would commence his singing practice at 7.00 pm and would go on till 9.00 pm. Then he would start singing non stop and would go on till sunrise!

While singers from Bollywood, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala are dominating Kollywood, he is a highly talented singer from U. S. who stands high as an example to prove the words of Sri. Abdul Kalam, – Age has no relevance to showcasing one’s talent. He also stands as a proof to what poet Bharathiyar had written years ago-talents come in from all 8 directions! It is surprising to note that Mohan Narayanan had recently conducted a Music Show at Kamaraj Arangam. He had recently rendered songs in films as Ayyanar Veedhi and Thondiyaan. Gypsy Raj Kumar had introduced this rare talent from U. S. at a function held at R. K. V. recently.

Narayanan Mohan holds Shankar Mahadevan in a very high esteem and regards him as his Guru. Arasu, director and scorer of Thondiyaan, spoke very highly of the new singing sensation who practices for about 5 hours daily. Rehaana said that she had sung with him in that music show and mentioned that she was taken aback by the depth of his voice. She praised him lavishly. In her address, Mrs. Narayanan said that they felt as though A. R. Rahman himself had come to appreciate her husband and thanked Rehaana for her presence and praises. Mrs. Sakthiamma, producer of Thondiyaan said that the Amma song in their film was a hit number! Narayanan had rendered it excellently – she applauded!

Selva Raghu, PRO, thanked all those who had come in to attend the function.

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