Tamil Nadu to see the worst of Covid-19 in coming days?

Coronavirus cases are likely to increase in the state, sources say. Advocate General Vijay Narayan himself has said in the Madras High Court that cases can increase up to 2 lakh by October and November and hence the government would like to conduct the class 10 exams now.

According to a retired doctor, stringent norms should be in place in north Chennai, which is witnessing a constant rise in coronavirus infections.

Until a week ago, a large number of incoming persons returning to Tamil Nadu, particularly Maharashtra, were adding to its overall burgeoining numbers of persons testing positive for Covid-19 novel coronavirus. But that trend now looks to be tapering off, while new positive cases within the State led by a galloping Chennai is vigorously on.

Of the 1,515 persons who tested positive throughout the state on a single day on Sunday, the number of persons returning from other countries and states who tested positive for the virus is relatively a smaller lot of just 15.

The first of the major relaxations as part of India’s three-phase ‘unlocking’ plan came into force in several parts of the country on Monday. Across the country, restaurants, malls and religious places such as temples, mosques and churches opened for the first time after the imposition of the nationwide lockdown on March 25, albeit with far fewer footfalls then before.

Signs marking where people will stand, new screens between diners and separate entry and exit routes were commonly seen in these places, along with thermal screening and hand sanitisers that visitors were being required to apply before entry.

United States President Donald Trump is open to another economic relief package in response to the coronavirus pandemic and remains in favour of a payroll tax holiday, White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said yesterday.