Tamil Nadu govt to approach SC over 86 vacant MBBS seats

Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma. Subramanian said the State government will soon file a petition in the Supreme Court seeking action from the Union government to fill up vacant MBBS seats.

The Minister said six MBBS seats were left vacant last year, while the number mounted up to 86 vacant seats this year.

He said that officials of the Health Department had submitted a report to the Advocate General (AG). “We are exploring the possibility of filing a petition in the Supreme Court. We have asked the AG about filing an interlocutory application (IA). When we receive a response in two to three days, we will file the IA in the Supreme Court after informing the Union government that we are filing a case seeking surrender of the 86 vacant seats to the State government,” the Minister told reporters on Thursday.

“We had written a letter to urge the Union government to either hold another round of counselling or let the State government fill up the seats. We have not received a response to the letter yet. The Health Secretary is in touch with the higher officials,” the Minister said.