Tamil Nadu government releases SOPs to conduct jallikattu

Tamil Nadu Government has released a set of SOPs to be followed for the upcoming Jallikattu event during Pongal festival.

Stating that Jallikattu is the tradition of the state and large number of people participate with great enthusiasm, state government said that spectators should be thermally scanned before entering the arena.

A government order said, “Each Jallikattu, Manjuvirattu and Vadamadu event can be conducted with a maximum of 300 participants.

Maximum 150 bull tamers can participate in ‘erudhu vidum’ event. It is mandatory for participants to submit COVID-19 negative certificate.

All the spectators will be seated with Standard Operating Proceudures (SOP) in place and will be permitted to enter the venue after thermal scanning.”

The organising committee has also said that they have ensured proper safety and precautions and are ready to embrace the bull with the new normal in place.