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Thadam Movie Review


Double digit


Kavin (Arun Vijay) is a streetsmart conman who is good at swindling money from smugglers. He indulges in crimes in association with his aide Suruli (Yogi Babu). He also woos women, but doesn’t reciprocate to Ananthi (Smruthi Venkat) who loves him truly.

Ezhil (Arun Vijay) is an entrepreneur in construction business and leads a modern lifestyle with a posh bungalow and a BMW car. He is in love with Deepika (Tanya Hope), a techie.

One day, a murder happens and the police team led by Gopalakrishnan (FEFSI Vijayan) arrests Ezhil, as his image was seen in a selfie clicked by a neighbour of the victim. Gopalakrishnan also has to settle some personal scores with Ezhil.

Soon, another team of police arrests Kavin in a drunken drive case and brings him to the station. Vijayan and other cops are shocked to see the striking similarities between Kavin and Ezhil.

They also realise that they are twins. Now, Gopalakrishnan entrusts the task of finding out the real culprit to Sub-Inspector Malarvizhi (Vidya Pradeep). Is the smart officer able to solve the crime is the rest of Thadam.


Arun Vijay has done a dual role for the first time and has emerged triumphant. His hardwork in association with director Magizh Thirumeni to add value to the script pays dividends.

Though there are two heroines- Smruthi Venkat and Tanya Venkat- and both are good, the female who steals the show is Vidya Pradeep. There is an episode involving Sonia Agarwal, which appears forced.

Artistes like FEFSI Vijayan and Yogi Babu have done their respective parts well. The film has been presented in a stylish way and credits go to cinematography and editing departments.

Magizh Thirumeni, who had already given Thadayara Thakka in association with Arun vijay, has once again delivered a winner in Thadam. Though the flashback scenes are a letdown, Thadam is racy thanks to its writing and execution.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5