Tamil Movie Review

Seeru Movie Review

Crics Rating: 3 out of 5

Seeru : Angry young man


Manimaran (Jiiva) is a cable TV operator in Mayiladuthurai. He is a do-gooder who is ready to do anything for the sake of friendship and for his pregnant sister.

Manimaran exposes a local politician who ropes in a Chennai-based henchman Malli (Varun) to bump off his enemy. This earns him the wrath of Malli who comes to Mayiladuthurai to kill Manimaran.

However, he ends up saving Manimaran’s sister. Manimaran, who comes to know about this, goes to Chennai to thank Malli in person.

In the city, he realises that Malli’s life is in danger and his aides themselves want to murder him on the orders of someone. Manimaran takes up the responsibility of saving Malli at any cost.


After a long gap, Jiiva makes a comeback with Seeru, a commercial entertainer directed by Rathina Siva of Rekka fame. The movie aptly balances sentiment and action.

Jiiva has performed well to establish himself as a mass hero. Heroine Riya Suman is too regular, while Varun is impressive as Malli. Gautham Vasudev Menon has dubbed for him.

D Imman has come up with impressive background score and decent songs. Cinematography and other technical departments are adequate. The film’s runtime is a little more than two hours and editing is sharp in many places.

Rathina Siva has made a film that is better than his last outing Rekka. If you want to feed yourself a timepass entertainer with mass elements this weekend, Seeru may be your destination.